Blues Martin

Just got some great news

Dear Blues Martin,

Congratulations on your recent Akademia Award win! Winning an Akademia Award is more than just an honorary distinction, it is the beginning of a robust campaign to market your song to an expanding audience, gaining more recognition for you and your music.

Now hold on to your chair. We recently met with the program directors from several Berkshire Media Group radio stations and are pleased to inform you that your song 'Funky Blues’ was very well received by them! As a result they have decided to place your song in rotation on five major stations in different geographic regions to begin testing listener response and feedback, beginning April 11th. Starting this month, the network will gather listener data and make those data available to us.

KXRL Radio Los Angeles, California USA

KEDG Radio Sydney, Australia

KHSX Radio Houston, Texas USA

WLDN Radio London, United Kingdom

WMIC Radio Miami, Florida USA

On April 11th, please be sure to tune in and share the above station links with your family, friends and fans. At this early stage, listener response can have a measurable impact on the outcome of your radio campaign. Congratulations on your success. We will continue to keep you updated on news from the radio stations as we receive it. We are here to assist you with any questions that you may have.

Kind regards,

The Akademia Team

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