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The Joy Of Spring


Hey you


Last week I got a letter from Akademia, that told me I was a winner and I had been invited to LA for a gala, so with the joy of that news I told everyone I know what had happened to me and I was really so proud that I had gotten selected to be a winner, well the joy lasted about a da or so, cuz I then got a new mail from them, telling me they had made a mistake, that I wasn’t in for the February count, but had to wait till the 15 of March to see if I was a winner and so with that news I was a little down, but hey it happens, just wished it wasn’t me lol.

About my new album, it’s being mixed at the moment and will be on Spotify, iTunes and other stores soon, but I’ll send a mail when it’s out :)


happy spring to you and enjoy it


your’s truly 


Blues Martin 

Great News




It has been a great start for this year, a radio station have heard Funky Blues and they believe that it could be a hit, what ever that means, but I’ve been so happy about this news that I have been partying for a week and now I’m back with working on the album called “My Guitar and Me” and I wanna thank you for being a fan of me and my music, it really means the world to me that you like it or some even tells me that they love it and that warms my little heart :)

So with that I wanna end this and get back to my music.

Have great time till we talk again.


Your’s truly


Blues Martin

A little late happy thanksgiving


Hey Everyone
Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving with your family and are now so full that you can't move lol jk
Well as the holidays are coming I would like to say that I have put my albums on sale and you can get them for very little
and now I will go back to work, meaning my album and get it ready, so you wonderful people can hear it

your truly
Blues Martin 

big deal


Well first of all, I just wanna say thanks for your love and support and it really means the world to me that you like my music, but I need to be honest here and I think I might lose some of you by saying this.
The trust is I'm not selling anything and that means I have to work harder to get my next album out and that's kinda sad, now that I have found out that there are people out there liking my music and my wish is to go to the US and do a tour, but it's really hard. But anyways thanks for the support and take care of yourself till we talk again.
Your's truly
Blues Martin

Great thanks


I would like to say thanks to the people, how I had the pleasure of playing for last night and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed playing to you, have a great day to all of you people out there and happy sunday

Behind My Blue Eyes is out


So it's finally out and I'm really happy with the result and with the songs on it, it's been hard work from day one and I know I had said it would be out a long while ago, but as everyone knows sometimes it just won't work and that's the case with this album, so I hope you'll enjoy it 


Blues Martin

The release of "Behind My Blue Eyes" is set


So now I know when the album will come out on the 8 of march, so I'm so happy to get it out to all of you.

Blues Martin

Happy new year to all of you


I just wanna say happy new year to all of you wonderful people out there and I hope that you still have all your bodyparts :)


Merry Christmas to all of you


Hey Everyone

As the year is coming to a end I would like to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year and thank you for liking my music and following me and my work.

The new album "Behind My Blue Eyes" will be released in the new year and I hope you will enjoy it.

Blues Martin

News from here :)


Hey All

I'm putting out a single that will be released next month, so I hope you are going to like it

Blues Martin

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