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Here are some photos of me and my way of working, I need coffee and smokes and a lots of it :)

"Songs For Kelly" cancelled


Hey everyone

Hope you are going to have a great weekend.

Due to some problems "Songs For Kelly" has been cancelled, but will return again in a week, sorry about that :(


Blues Martin

This week


Hey everyone

Hope you all had a great weekend :)

I've working on the album and it's coming along slowly, but I think it's going to be a great album.

Blues Martin

This is great news for the people with Huntington's disease

Today's news :)


Hey Everyone

So what's happing in the world of Blues Martin??

Will right now I'm working on a new album and so far I have recorded two covers that I just love to play and one is ZZ Top's "Fool For Your Stockings" and the other one is Robert Johnson's "Crossroads" and I really like this version of the great old blues song and I hope you all will too.

So have a great day and week till you hear from me again ;)

Your's truly

Blues Martin

Songs For Kelly will help people with Huntington Disease


With Songs For Kelly out and being sold, every album I sell, I will donate 0,50 cent of it to Huntington disease, because I think they need help to help the people with this illness and i hope that you will help me, to help them :)

here you can read about it.

thanks for your help.

Blues Martin

Songs For Kelly


Hey it's has come out on iTunes :) have a wonderful day



Hey everyone

So it's friday and that means that somebody is going out tonight, but right now I'm staying home to write lyrics for the few songs that need it and I will be doing some recording, man I really hope that you all with like this album and it has taking a bit longer then what I had wanted, but that happens.

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