Blues Martin

The Joy Of Spring

Hey you


Last week I got a letter from Akademia, that told me I was a winner and I had been invited to LA for a gala, so with the joy of that news I told everyone I know what had happened to me and I was really so proud that I had gotten selected to be a winner, well the joy lasted about a da or so, cuz I then got a new mail from them, telling me they had made a mistake, that I wasn’t in for the February count, but had to wait till the 15 of March to see if I was a winner and so with that news I was a little down, but hey it happens, just wished it wasn’t me lol.

About my new album, it’s being mixed at the moment and will be on Spotify, iTunes and other stores soon, but I’ll send a mail when it’s out :)


happy spring to you and enjoy it


your’s truly 


Blues Martin 

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